AEG has established an enviable reputation in the design, assembly and supply of bespoke pneumatic technologies and compressed air equipment. 

Whatever the potential application, our team can design and provide an effective solution.  By working closely with OEM’s, end users and resellers within the field of compressed air and pneumatics, our long-standing reputation provides expertise in the areas of design engineering and onsite services.

In AEG, you have a true end-to-end technology partner

Our Divisions

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“We lead with technical expertise and find the optimal solution “


From technical consultation to design, manufacture and assembly, AEG provides custom OEM solutions for all types of Fluid and motion control applications.  Whether high precision medical equipment or robust industrial and military application, AEG has a wealth of experience and expertise to offer at all stages of the supply chain.

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“Always on hand to keep you running at your absolute best”


Providing comprehensive technical consultancy.  We maintain and support services for new and existing compressed air supply, from layout design and installation of systems to air quality audits, preventative maintenance and emergency callouts.  AEG advises on energy efficiency using data logging and offers best practice in the modern management of the compressed air system.

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“We make realistic promises and aim to deliver more than our competitors”


Offering the largest range of fluid and motion control products within the UK and Ireland backed by a true, independent expertise.  We stock and source a wide range of compressed air, fluid and pneumatic products from an extensive range of industry leading brands.  Everything we do for our customers has a meaningful value and cements our relationship as a trusted and valued partner.


Our Mission

We help our customers to overcome specific, technical challenges, and to solve technical problems, effectively and efficiently. 

We determine, develop and provide the optimal solution, based on the criteria that matter most to the customer, and we do so in a way that instils belief in our values, confidence in our service, trust in our people and loyalty to our business.

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Our imperative is to solve your technical challenges effectively and to add evident value to your business. When there are specific parameters, or challenging conditions, you will not find a team more knowledgeable or more flexible at finding and delivering the optimum solution. .