Quality Policy

Air Engineering Group provides quality air and fluid products, technology engineering and onsite services to a diverse range of industry. Our solutions provide our customers with robust designs using the best possible components to meet their exact requirements. Air Engineering Group is fully committed to our Quality Management System (QMS), which has been developed and implemented based on ISO9001: 2015, in order to consistently provide the highest standards of quality and professionalism in all areas of our business activity.

Air Engineering Group is committed to:

  • Implementation of all QMS programme requirements, including the proactive use of error prevention measures. This is the duty of all Air Engineering Group staff and its suppliers.
  • Preventing quality problems by identifying, addressing, and managing risks and opportunities, including those that can affect conformity of products and services, rather than detecting and correcting them after they occur.
  • Continually improving our ‘quality culture’ through the use of our appraisals to incorporate behaviour-based processes into our task performance.
  • The requirements and needs of our quality management system, including the proper assignment of organisational roles, responsibilities, and authorities, are communicated, and understood.
  • Ensuring our business maintains accreditation to the appropriate standards, for example ISO 9001:2015
  • Satisfying applicable requirements by ensuring that those associated with interested parties, statutory and regulatory requirements are determined and consistently met.
  • Continually improving our QMS by raising standards and responding to the changing needs of our customers as well as in the technologies in which we specialise.
  • Determine, monitor, and review internal and external issues, relevant to the purpose and context of the business and its strategic direction, that affect the ability of the QMS to achieve its intended results.
  • Ensuring that this Policy shall be made available to interested parties, upon reasonable request.

The Directors and I take accountability for the effectiveness of the QMS and will, at least annually:

  • Review this Policy to ensure it is effective.
  • Review responsibilities and procedures for Quality management.
  • Set clear Quality objectives and targets, compatible with the context and strategic direction of the business.
  • Monitor and measure performance and communicate the results.
  • Ensure adequate resources are made available to implement the Policy; and
  • Communicate this policy to all employees and organizations working for or on our behalf.

Gary Dean, Managing Director