At Air Engineering Controls, we understand that each and every customer has a unique set of requirements. We offer outsourced design and development services whether you are looking for a custom component or complete design and development of a complex fluid control system. AE will structure the project to meet your needs, timing and budget. For OEMs who don’t have the time to take on development in-house, AE is an ideal solution.



First and foremost we listen. You tell us what you need and we work with you to define the product, system or device performance to deliver it.
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Valve Solutions

Sometimes standard valves just cannot meet your needs. Our engineered solutions team can help find the pneumatics and process your project requires.
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Custom Manifolds

Providing a number of flow paths in a compact space, our CNC machined manifolds are manufactured in the UK and can be made from a variety of materials.
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Integrated Solutions

We work closely with original equipment manufacturers creating the exact solution for their needs.
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Control Systems

We provide high quality competitively priced control systems for all pneumatic and fluid control applications.
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End of Arm Tooling

At AE we specialise in custom end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) reaching beyond standard modular components to support a particular application.
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Tube Forming

We provide comprehensive services for flexible and metal tube cutting, bending, forming, engineered, tube machining, and custom fabrication and pre-assembly.
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Rapid Prototyping

Our design engineers can produce models for form, fit and functional testing within the design studio.
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Design for Manufacture

With state-of-the art Solidworks 3D CAD we can check designs and test manufacturing potential against industry standards at the earliest possible stage.
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Installation Services

From a complete Compressed Air Ring Main… to installation and commission of a control panel… to a routine maintenance visit..
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