Commercial Vehicles INDUSTRY


A commercial vehicle needs to earn its keep. It needs components and control systems which ensure reliability and long life. AEG provides a wide range of easily installed vehicle- based products used worldwide. These include such high-performance products as high flow spool valves, ATEX certified devices up to high level and sub-assemblies.

Our in-house expertise spans 25 years of electro-pneumatic solutions. From axle lift systems to power take off controls AEG can work with you to find the best solution.

Axle Lift Systems For The Commercial Vehicle Industry

Our fully automatic system will lower the lift axle once the preset load is reached. Automatic rising of the lift axle begins when load is sufficiently reduced.

  • Features include:
  • New speed legislation
  • Integral valves and circuit connection
  • Fully automatic raise and lower
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Traction control
  • Airbag protection.

Power Take-Off Controls & Accessories

Offering handbrake interlock as standard, the AEG power take-off controls come as part of a kit supplied with a host of other associated components. AEG’s latest push/pull control valve design features include; built in spool indicator, lock nut for panel mounting, ergonomic operation, 4mm/6mm push in fittings and air & solenoid reset capability.

Recently added to this range is a revolutionary chassis mounted electronic power take-off controls (air or vacuum), which is operated from a dashboard switch. For safety precautions the power take-off controls can only be operated when the handbrake is engaged. Vacuum systems are used extensively on smaller vehicles without a vehicle compressor.

Freight Tanker Systems

The integration of pneumatic solutions and modules have increased the safety levels through the use of non-electrical systems and brake interlocks. These pneumatic systems prove to be economical solutions in a potentially explosive environment.

  • Applications include:
  • Bottom loading control systems
  • Bulk or hose reel delivery selection
  • Dip tube interlocks
  • Guard bar interlocks

Emergency Vehicles

Control modules built to customer-specific requirements need to be 100% reliable in all conditions for the emergency vehicle market. All the pneumatic functions can be controlled from a single integrated modular system located within the preferred location on the chassis or inside the cab. Our experience covers applications such as Airport Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV’s) and Domestic Fire Appliances.

  • Typical functions are:
  • Lighting mast control
  • Central locking of doors/roller shutters
  • Hose reel Auto-rewind
  • Throttle control
  • Handbrake interlock
  • Foam/water mixing valve control
  • Manual/Auto selection mode

The Right Solution For The Commercial Vehicle Industry

At AEG, we offer a wide range of solutions to suit any application, take a look at our vast selection of products, from valves, to cylinders, we have what you need!If you require any pneumatic solutions or power take-off controls for commercial vehicles, get in contact with one of our skilled team members today to discuss your requirements further.