Plastic Production INDUSTRY

AEG provides a design and manufacturing service for bespoke end of arm tools (EOATs) for robots used in the injection moulding process within the plastic production industry. There are standard modular components but the demands of some applications require custom design. AEG can help.

A custom end of arm tools can reduce the need for a second robot or manual labour to complete a particular task. Sometimes the shape of a product means standard components cannot grip it securely, there might be space constraints for standard components or there might be special conditions such as additional heat, weight or liquids involved. Investing in bespoke equipment can save you time and money further down the line, ensuring your production is not hindered.

Related products include grippers, vacuum handling and material transfer.

The Right Solution For The Plastic Production Industry

At AEG, we offer a wide range of solutions to suit any application, take a look at our vast selection of products, from valves, to cylinders, we have what you need!

If you require end of arm tools or bespoke equipment for plastic production, get in contact with one of our skilled team members today to discuss your requirements further.