Industry regulations are constantly changing with new directives and legislation being introduced every year.

Staying on top of mandatory, legal requirements and meeting industry standards is not easy; failure to do so can, of course, be devastatingly costly.

If your business utilises compressed air or vacuum equipment of any kind, it will be subject to a raft of potential compliance issues. Whatever size your business the rules are the same for everyone. From environmental and energy-efficiency issues to health and safety, customers find our expertise and insight invaluable. Our air compressor compliance inspection can help you to stay informed of your obligations and have complete peace-of-mind that you are always operating compliantly.

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Pressure Systems Compliance PSSR

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000:S.I.128 (PSSR) covers all types of pressure systems including compressed air installations.

The regulations provide a complete legal framework to control activities from design to installation, examination and keeping of records to name but a few. 

Some systems may be exempt from the regulations, some systems may not require examinations but all systems will need to comply with either this or other legal provisions.

If the answer is ‘NO’ to any of these then the PSSR does not apply.

Does the compressed air system need a written scheme of examination and an examination?

If the product of the pressure in bar and internal volume in litres of the compressed air system’s pressure vessels is in each case less than 250 bar litres, a written scheme is not required and therefore an examination will not be done.

If the answer is ‘YES’ a written scheme of examination is required if the product of the pressure in bar and internal volume in litres of its pressure vessels is in each case more than 250 bar litres.

Our Competent Person will identify which items of the pressure system fall within the scope of the WSE, such as pressure vessel, protective devices and pipework. Once these items have been established the frequency of examinations will be outlined.

All of our competent WSE examiners are trained & certified by the British Compressed Air Society BCAS.

AEG staff auditing energy systems