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The widest range of compressed air products and components backed by true, independent expertise.

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Our technical team is on hand, with their many years of experience and their expert knowledge of the air and fluid power industries.

We can help your engineers to make the most informed choices for product applications, provide the latest technical information and guide them with the very best level of product support.

Ordering through our dedicated sales team is quick and simple, with express and priority shipping options available for particularly urgent orders on our compressed air products and components.

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Compressed Air

Air compressors are used in various industrial applications such as factory production lines, process industries, pharmaceutical and medical breathing systems and many more where there is a need for a continuous supply of compressed air.

With such a wide range of compressors available, AEG can assist you to find the right compressor to suit your needs.

If you have any specific enquiries then please do get in touch with us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.


Compressed Air Equipment

Offering a wide range of high-performance compressed air equipment, AEG is a main distributor for the Gardner Denver range of products which include industry leading brands such as Compair, Hydrovane, Elmo Rietschle and Champion to name a few.

With over 25 years’ experience we have established an enviable reputation for quality and reliability in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of compressed air & vacuum equipment.

Air Treatment Back

The preparation and treatment of your compressed air is a critical aspect to the design of any system.  Our range of dryers, filtration, condensate separators and airline accessories provide all that you need to guarantee clean dry compressed air, while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Air Receivers Back

The compressed air receiver is a vital part of every compressed air station.  Not only is it a storage facility which can provide capacity during periods of peak demand, the receiver is also used to separate condensate from the compressed air.

Painted or galvanized for long corrosion protection, whether 50 or 10,000 litres, all our air receivers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure exceptional safety and durability.  The sizing of the air receiver is important a it has a direct impact on the overall reliability of the compressed air system, as well as the energy efficiency.  At AEG, we can help to provide the right air receiver to suit your system.

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Valves Back

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Instrumentation Back

Instrumentation is defined as the art and science of measurement and control of the process variables within a production or manufacturing area. The process variables used in industries are Level, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, pH, Force, Speed etc.

Control engineering or control systems engineering is the engineering discipline that applies control theory to design systems with desired behaviours. Control engineers are responsible for the research, design, development and control devices/systems, typically in manufacturing facilities and plants. The practice uses sensors to measure the output performance of the device being controlled and those measurements can be used to give feedback to the input actuators that can make corrections toward desired performance. When a device is designed to perform without the need of human inputs for correction it is called automatic control (such as cruise control for regulating a car’s speed). Multi-disciplinary in nature, control systems engineering activities focus on implementation of control systems mainly derived by mathematical modelling of systems of a diverse range


The abbreviation ATEX comes from the French term “Atmospheres Explosibles” and covers two European Union Directives- 94/9/EC and 1999/92/EC.

Previously known as ATEX 100a, Directive 94/9/EC has been mandatory since 1st July 2003 for all equipment containing or constituting a possible ignition source.

The ATEX Directive has been incorporated into the national law of Member States and applies to sales of equipment, components and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Directive 1999/92/EC, previously known as ATEX 118a, is now known as ATEX 137 and defines the minimum requirements for improving health protection and safety of employees who may be at danger from potentially explosive atmospheres.

Air Engineering Group offer a wide range of ATEX approved pneumatic components ranging from Air Preparation to Solenoid Valves.

We also offer ATEX approved control panels built to customer specification.


G1/4″ valves with 1250 l/min, G1/2″ valves with 3000 l/min.
Valves with only 1.8Watt power consumption on request.
Products free of brass parts on request.
Fail-safe function in products with mechanical spring.
Customer specific labelling.

Vacuum Pumps & Blowers Back

With a diverse range of high-performance vacuum pumps and blowers available we can help you select the right one for your application.

With a strong focus on reducing energy consumption, improving reliability and minimal downtime we are confident in finding the best solution for all your low pressure and vacuum demands