Pneumatic Cartridge Valves & Fittings

Designed to connect to air passages machined into manifolds or valve blocks, our pneumatic cartridge eliminate the need for external plumbing to save space and reduce the possibility of leaks.

2-way normally closed cartridge valves and 3-way closed cartridge valves, with multiple styles, actuator options, and sizes available to fit your needs.


AEG’s dynamic range of pneumatic cartridge valves and fittings provide our engineers with the ability to mix and match different types of valves and sizes; suitable for vacuum applications to 26” Hg and can accommodate flow rates from 10 scfm to 33 scfm at 125 psi.

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Cartridge Valve Option include:-

  • Push button cartridge valves
  • Detented toggle cartridge valves
  • Momentary toggle cartridge valves
  • Ball cartridge valves
  • Pilot operated cartridge valves (3-way only)