Compressed Air Condensate Drains

The generation of compressed air is always connected with the formation of condensate. If not removed from the compressed air system, the condensate can cause corrosion and contamination throughout the system which can result in damage and frequent maintenance work.

This condensate extracted during the drying process needs to be disposed of responsibly to comply with the Water Industry Act of 1991 and Environmental Protection Regulations of 1991. These laws state that condensate waste can now longer be disposed of into the main drainage system, but instead must be either disposed of professionally or processed on location.

Disposal via external service providers can prove to be an expensive process; with not only disposal costs to consider, there is also the internal costs such as approved collection tanks and monitoring devices.

Air Engineering Group can provide and install air condensate drains and specialist equipment to treat condensate on site, helping to keep your company compliant with legislation whilst also cutting costs of third party removal.

There is also a Zero Loss system which is designed to remove the condensate from your system whilst ensuring that no air is wasted. Special intelligent control-electronics detect the condensate levels and control the drainage, whilst also monitoring the status of the equipment.