Desiccant Air Dryers

Able to reach dew points as low as -70°C, compressed air runs through a chamber filled with desiccant which adsorbs the moisture reducing the airs dew point

A desiccant compressed air dryer will dry air to the lowest due point, creating the driest possible air.

Made from activated aluminium oxide, desiccant has an exceptionally high absorption capacity making it the perfect component to extract the maximum amount of water particles from the compressed air. The desiccants regeneration capability provides sustained low-pressure dew point performance, with minimal pressure loss throughout the drying process. As the desiccant is waterproof and mechanically stable, it is particularly suitable for long periods of operation, allowing for maximum efficiency.

How it works

A pre-filter removes solid particles and any oil residue from the air that is to be dried; the air then passes into one of the two desiccant tanks.

Once there, the desiccant in the tank traps the moisture, leaving the dried compressed air to exit via the upper diffuser; from there it flows through to a check valve and dust filter before reaching the air distribution network

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