Hydraulic Fittings & Connectors

Among the basic elements of virtually every hydraulic system is a series of fittings & connectors for connecting tube, pipe, and hose to pumps, valves, actuators, and other components.

If the components within hydraulic systems never had to be removed, connections could be brazed or welded to maximize reliability. However, it is inevitable that connections must be broken to allow servicing or replacing components, so removable fittings & connectors are a necessity for all but the most specialized hydraulic systems. To this end, fitting designs have advanced considerably over the years to improve performance and installation convenience, but the overall function of these components remains relatively unchanged.

Fittings seal fluid within the hydraulic system by one of two techniques: all-metal fittings rely on metal-to-metal contact, while O-ring type fittings contain pressurized fluid by compressing an elastomeric seal. In either case, tightening threads between mating halves of the fitting (or fitting and component port) forces two mating surfaces together to form a high-pressure seal.