Knocks Klub-138 Lubricator

The Futura series is an absolute technical highlight. The modular structure of the patented system and the innovative material concept (Grivory GV-6H with 60% glass fibre content; lighter and more economical than metal) offer absolute flexibility with guaranteed functional reliability.

The Knocks Klub138 lubricator introduces a fine mist of oil into the pneumatic air to reduce internal friction of pneumatic components. The recommended lubricating oil type is ISO-VG32 turbine oil. This model features G 3/8 inch ports.

The maximum input pressure is 16.0 bar (232 psi) and the temperature range is between -10 and 50 °C (14 and 122 °F). The lubricator requires a minimum flow rate of 90 l/min and can hold 40 cm³ of oil. The housing material is made from PA 66 and the lubricator has a bowl made of polycarbonate (PC).

PDF -Knocks Klub138 Datasheet

The Klub138 Lubricator is available in two types which are available on our Online store:

Knocks | 92501.DD00 | KLUB-138

Knocks | 92501.DD50 | KLUB-138 H

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