Industrial Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen gas generators and stations are stationary or mobile air-to-nitrogen production complexes.

Nitrogen generators are a cost-effective, energy saving solution allowing our customers to take control of their own gas supply, often saving them money by reducing energy costs.

A reliable and safe alternative to traditional gas supplies, nitrogen gas can be produced from compressed air with the use of a nitrogen gas generator, providing an on-demand and continuous source of efficient energy.

Nitrogen gas is being used in a growing number of industrial applications across the UK including laser-cutting, injection moulding and packaging.

How it works

To create nitrogen gas, the generator will use air from a compressor and pass this through either a carbon molecular sieve or a membrane, depending on the type of generator. This process will separate the oxygen and other traces, leaving only high-quality nitrogen to pass through the system.

For more information on our range of nitrogen gas generators and how we can help you implement a system into your industrial application, contact us here. We can help advise you on which generators are best suitable for your needs.