Rolling Diaphragm Air Cylinders

The advent of the long stroke rolling diaphragm as a means of low-friction dynamic sealing has led to the development of the ControlAir Diaphragm Air Cylinder. These cylinders provide virtually frictionless conversion of pneumatic pressure to linear force, and offer such operating features as:-

• Super Sensitivity
• Absolutely No Lubrication Required
• Low Hysteresis
• No Blow-By Leakage
• Wide Temperature Variations.

Our standard Diaphragm Air Cylinders are easily modified to meet individual customer requirements. Modifications can include but are not limited to, diaphragm, bearing, or rod materials, rod configurations, and spring design.

The performance advantages of our Diaphragm Air Cylinders make them ideal for applications such as Web Tensioners, Dancer Roll Tensioners, Roll Loaders, Valve Actuators, Accumulators, Positioners, and Impact Absorbers to name a few

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