Side Channel Blowers

Side channel blowers, also known as vacuum pumps or vacuum compressors, can generate significantly higher pressures than industrial fans. However, a side channel blower generates lower air flow than, for example, centrifugal fans.

The operating principle of vacuum pumps has its own technology: the air gets sucked in through a fast rotary vane impeller. After this, the air in the side channel blower gets pushed and compressed outwards by the centrifugal force. It flows through the side channel back into the inner part of the vacuum blower and gets compressed again between two further blades. The second compression enables the pumps to generate significantly higher differential pressures.

Separation of the compression chambers on both sides of the impeller permits single-stage, twin-flow as well as two-stage, single-flow operation with only one impeller.

These have proven reliability performing flawlessly day in and day out with virtually no down time. Noise levels are lower than that of most other vacuum pumps and compressors. Typically available in a wide selection for performance ranges up to 3,000 m³/h and differential pressures of up to 1,000 mbar. They cover the most varied requirements flexibly and powerfully.

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