Valve Terminals

  • Valve terminal for valves 24 V= and 24 V~.
  • All valves with 1.8 Watt/3 VA power consumption.
  • 2 – 14 stations available, equipped with varistor and red LED. Common Minus
    or Plus on white cable.
  • Double solenoid valves (5/2-way and 5/3-way) occupy 2 spaces.
  • The system is highly water resistant.
  • D-sub-multipin connector and individual valve positions are sealed with NBR O-rings against water and humidity offering IP 65.
  • Position of the connector can be chosen at the right or at the left hand side of the terminal.
  • Cable can be supplied with an elbow or a straight electrical connector. Standard cable length is 3 m others are available on request.