Panel Mounted Valves

Selected models are available for the explosion and hazardous environment.  AEG’s Panel Mount valves are ATEX-Ex certified.

Some of the Panel Mounted Valves in the BH  range are available for the low temperature environment operating at, and between, the  -50 OC to +50OC range and have a manually actuated spool valve specifically for the lower temperature conditions.

However, when operating below 0OC  the pressure condensation point has to be at least 15 C below the temperature of the environment and media as air has to be dried.

Due to the specific design of the low temperature, seals pressure has to be applied to Port 1.

By using high quality materials and a unique sealing system, AEG’s valves by Hafner-Pneumatik, can offer distinct advantages to our customer.  The body of the valves are made from anodised aluminium, the spools from stainless steel and the manual overrides from brass.

The main advantage of the unique sealing design in the panel mount valves is called the ‘floating O-ring’ is that there is no deformation of the seals since there is low friction.

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  • No tubing inside the cabinets
  • Possibility to shut-off the air-supply individually
  • Easy to maintain
  • High durability and an extended lifetime
  • High flow combined with compact design
  • High reliability of the valves