We have a wide range of valves offering port sizes from M5 G1/2″ which are available with mechanical, manual, pneumatic and solenoid actuators. Valves can be supplied free-standing or as part of a manifold with or without the D-Sub terminal system.

By using high quality materials and a proven sealing system, we offer distinct advantages to our customers. No compromises were made in the selection of materials. The bodies are made from anodised aluminium, the spools from stainless steel and the manual overrides from brass. The major advantage of this sealing concept is low friction.

This advantage is based on the following technical features:
There is no deformation of the seal during assembly. They are allowed to move independently within the brass cage. Without air pressure there is no contact pressure and, therefore, no friction. This construction also has consequences for the seals of the valves in use. When switching a 5/2 valve, only three of the five seals are exposed to pressure and applying friction to the spool.

This unique sealing design means that the contact pressure, and consequently the sealing effect, increases proportionally to the air pressure. If the air pressure is low, contact pressure of the seals and friction are minimised.

Even when pressure is high, due to the shape of the cage, there is only the minimal contact pressure applied to the sealing rings which is necessary to seal the valve.

These features offer you:
High durability and extended lifetime
High flow combined with compact design
High reliability of the valves


Slim Line MD16 – high flow, low power.
Valve Terminals – 2 to 14 stations, up to 1250 l/min flow, IP65.
Solenoid valves, inline or manifold mounted, from M5 up to G3/4″.
IP65 standard, IP67 on request.
Stainless steel options on request.

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