System Build

Control systems and modules can reduce purchasing workload, simplify installation and provide a complete customised solution for the customer.

In many cases the finished product comes from working closely in partnership with our customers to provide a dedicated design which integrates perfectly with their associated equipment.

From 3-D design concept and prototyping to product launch, Air Engineering Group can provide the complete service.

Whether you require simple pneumatic manifolds or more complex modular electro-pneumatic circuits, we can work with you to develop the solution for your precise requirements, to your exact specification.

Compact reliable systems, developed hand in hand with our customers, coupled with our commitment to quality and service, will ensure Air Engineering Group provide a cost-effective solution, which we are confident will meet your most demanding expectations.

Integrated Solutions

Before we can develop any new technology, we must understand precisely your problem and your parameters.

Our team of experienced design engineers will work with you closely, engineer to engineer, to clarify the challenges you have and determine optimal routes for an effective solution; we take all of your project constraints into consideration as we do so.

This knowledge enables us to present the right design options without being prohibitively costly or needing an unfeasibly long development schedule. Our approach is always to identify and deliver the optimal solution.

In our design and specification processes, we work closely with leading original equipment manufactures to specify and source the highest quality components. We reduce purchasing costs, component inventory and simplify installation by integrating pneumatic and fluid circuits within a custom block. By working with your own engineers, we streamline the development process and ensure a seamless integration with your existing equipment.