System Build

Control systems and modules can reduce purchasing workload, simplify installation and provide a complete customised solution for the customer.

In many cases the finished product comes from working closely in partnership with our customers to provide a dedicated design which integrates perfectly with their associated equipment.

From 3-D design concept and prototyping to product launch, Air Engineering Group can provide the complete service.

Whether you require simple pneumatic manifolds or more complex modular electro-pneumatic circuits, we can work with you to develop the solution for your precise requirements, to your exact specification.

Compact reliable systems, developed hand in hand with our customers, coupled with our commitment to quality and service, will ensure Air Engineering Group provide a cost-effective solution, which we are confident will meet your most demanding expectations.

Integrated Solutions

We work closely with original equipment manufacturers creating the exact solution for their needs.

Our integrated solutions are at the heart of many of todays advanced technologies such as  IVDs, Medical Devices, Analytical Instruments, Semi-Conductor and Transport Systems. 

Custom manifolds provide a number of low paths in a compact space.  Routing your chosen media such as air, gas or water through the manifold connects to individual components such as control valves, pressure regulators or sensors.

Our CNC machined manifolds are manufactured in the UK and can be made from a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminium, PVC, acrylic, brass and PTFE.