Engineering Product Development & Concept Generation

AEG begins the concept generation phase by listening closely to our customers needs and mutually defining the product, system, or device performance requirements. 

AEG effectively works as an extension of our customers design team, understanding their objectives.

Concept presentation can be made using a variety of in-house tools including 3D computer modelling, rapid prototyping and flow simulation.

Concept generation requires a project plan defining the resources and actions needed to complete the development in a timely manner with the best possible product outcome.

The plan also identifies potential risks including schedule, resource and cost.

AEG has years’ of experience in product development & concept generation, with our in-house teams we can help to develop the best products for our customers.

If you are interested in our engineering product development process, feel free to get in contact with one of our team members to discuss your requirements further.

Design & Development

In AEG we appoint a dedicated project manager to formalise the customers requirements and implement strategies to fulfil them.

Our design engineers utilise proven product design processes to meet industry approvals and successfully progress the concept to prototype.

Regular meetings are conducted and recorded to review progress and allow efficient flow of information to the customer.

Prototype & Pre-Production

Product prototyping is the final phase before commercial manufacturing.

This can apply to entire systems or individual sub-assemblies as part of the the design plan. 

Rapid prototyping enables us to prove the concept design and functionality and reduces risk in the development process.  AEG uses in-house 3Dprinting (FDM) and a variety of specialist plastics suppliers for other rapid prototyping methods (SLA, SLS).

During this phase our objectives are to establish a smooth transition to manufacturing ensuring effective design for manufacturability.

Commercial Manufacture

Once the prototypes are signed off our dedicated team ensure a smooth transition into production.

From custom builds to short production runs and high-volume capacity AEG manufacture solutions to meet your requirements.

Manufacturing and production schedules are finalised, a material sourcing plan is developed and customer requirements are prioritised.  Quality, inspection and testing procedures are all adhered to in accordance with our quality policy.